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Welcome to the official website of the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines Association – the "Magnificent Bastards."

Within these pages, you’ll get to know the warriors, past and present, of the finest infantry battalion of the United States Marine Corps, and the courageous chaplains and corpsmen of the United States Navy who care, or have cared, for them.

We hope you’ll enjoy looking through the site, getting to know us and seeing what we’re all about. We’ve been going strong since 1988 and getting stronger every year. Our membership includes Marines from all corners of the United States having served from private to commandant, all of whom share the pride and privilege of having earned the title "United States Marine,” “Chaplain” and those few who earned another title, equally honored and deeply esteemed by Marines, the simple, three-letter title of "Doc."

Once you've navigated your way around the site, please feel free to make suggestions and let us know what you think. Those of you who have been either assigned or attached to the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines of all eras, please consider taking membership and letting your friends know about us.


The Marine Monument of San Clemente California

The Marine Monument of San Clemente
November 4th, 2017 at 2:00 PM (PDT)
San Clemente, CA

A Tribute To The Past - A Legacy For The Future

The Monument will, for all time, attest to the Corp’s honor, courage and commitment in service to our nation. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us to come together to honor the Marines, to confirm our heritage, to share with our community, and with each other, and to leave a lasting and glorious legacy for the future.



October 19, 2017 marks the 38th anniversary of the horrible fire at Camp Fuji, Japan, in which 13 lives were lost and many more injured.  In October 1979, Typhoon Tip brought 115 mph winds and heavy rains to Fuji.  It was the strongest storm to reach mainland Japan in 13 years.  At the time, more than 1,250 Marines from Camp Schwab, Okinawa, were being housed in Quonset huts on the installation’s upper half for training.    A fuel farm consisting of two rubber storage bladders kept in place by a retaining wall sat just up the hill.  After rains from Tip eroded the wall and allowed a bladder to break free, hoses sprang loose, releasing 5,000 gallons of gasoline.  The fuel skimmed the water’s surface and ran across upper Fuji and into the Quonset huts.  Shortly after 1:40 p.m., a heater inside one of the huts ignited the gasoline.  Fifty-one Marines and three Japanese lay injured, while 15 huts were destroyed and several other buildings damaged.  Casualties were evacuated to local hospitals in Gotemba, Yokota Air Base, Naval Airfield Atsugi and Yokosuka Naval Base, as well as Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio.  Of the 54 people taken to medical facilities, 13 Marines later died from their injuries.

By VINCE LITTLE | STARS AND STRIPES Published: October 19, 2007



Please click the link to see the video General Al Gray recently made at the request of the CO, 4th Marines.  It describes his time as CO of that unit in 1974-75.  Many Marines of that era would find his comments extremely interesting.  After all, they lived through that time in our Corps' history... and a tough time it was!



Dear Magnificent Bastards,  

It is my honor and privilege to serve as the 2/4 Association President and lead this magnificent organization forward.  I was extremely moved by all of the support given to me during the 2017 Annual Reunion and felt such pleasure to finally put faces with so many of the names and voices that have encouraged me over my years with 2d Battalion, 4th Marines.  

This year organizational goals will be set and our board will develop the conditions for the Association to thrive.  To do this, my intent to focus our team on accomplishing the following:  

· Recruitment - Appoint a Membership Coordination team to canvas new members from all eras of 2/4 Marines and sailors through direct contact that allows ease of access to join as members   

· Relevancy - Maintain and cultivate relationships between the 2/4 Association and our Active Duty component - including them in all events and opportunities to provide input on what they need from their Association  

· Recognition - Maintain a program designed to recognize the efforts and contributions of our membership and proud supports who provide services and sponsorship 

It is vital that the plank owners of the 2/4 Association sustain their connection and relevancy within this great organization and send a message to all generations of Marines and sailors that resonates with them to show the importance of joining. Sharing our combined experiences of service to our Nation will connect all Magnificent Bastards and demonstrate why it is important to take ownership of our Association. 

My mission is to lead.  To grow, improve, and move forward to make the 2/4 Association an inclusive organization that continually leverages the skills and resources of all of our amazing supporters.  I’m fortunate to welcome our new Vice President, Daniel Priest, and Director, Richard Rasmussen to the team - fellow Bastards and trusted friends who have fought alongside me and encouraged me throughout the years.  

Finally, my special thanks to BGen Weise, MGen Livingston, Brooks Wilson, Steve Wilson, Dave Jones, Manny Travassos, Frank and Becky Valdez and the entire board for providing a smooth turnover.  

Semper Fi,  


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