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Welcome to the official website of the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines Association – the "Magnificent Bastards."

Within these pages, you’ll get to know the warriors, past and present, of the finest infantry battalion of the United States Marine Corps, and the courageous chaplains and corpsmen of the United States Navy who care, or have cared, for them.

We hope you’ll enjoy looking through the site, getting to know us and seeing what we’re all about. We’ve been going strong since 1988 and getting stronger every year. Our membership includes Marines from all corners of the United States having served from private to commandant, all of whom share the pride and privilege of having earned the title "United States Marine,” “Chaplain” and those few who earned another title, equally honored and deeply esteemed by Marines, the simple, three-letter title of "Doc."

Once you've navigated your way around the site, please feel free to make suggestions and let us know what you think. Those of you who have been either assigned or attached to the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines of all eras, please consider taking membership and letting your friends know about us.



Honor all Magnificent Bastards who paid the final price defending our Natiion. We plan t place a brick honoring every 2/4 Marine or sailor killed in action or died of a wound since 1911. Please help complete this mission by contributing now. Click here to learn how.


The 2016 reunion has just concluded. The weather was perfect as was the location. Most days saw mid to upper 70 degree weather without humidity. The hotel and restaurants were smoke free and I didn’t smell anything except lightly and briefly twice near the casino portion. So, for Colleen and I, the physical aspects of the reunion were exceptional. Many thanks to host Donald Greengrass, President of the Ho-Chunk Nation and guest speaker, Wilfred Cleveland, Ho-Chunk Veteran Service Officer and guest speaker, Robert Mann, Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature Executive Director of Business, Robert Mudd, and his staff, Beth Anacker [Marketing], Lorena Mass [ Group Sales, Patricia Reyes [Group Sales], CaraLee Murphy [Marine veteran], Margaret “Muggs” Murphy [Veteran Service Officer] and Pierre Decorah [Assistant Veteran Service Officer and Wahira singer]! The Ho-Chunk Nation is to be complimented on their beautiful facility, and friendly and efficient staff. The Wahira ceremony presented by the Ho-Chunk Nation dancers and singers on Friday evening was very special and spiritual. The food and service were excellent. There were a number of first time participants at our reunion. We welcome them and hope that what we are doing at reunions and as an Association will encourage them to return. The reunion was deemed a huge success by all!

A huge thank you to member Fritz Warren for standing in as this reunion’s Chaplain. Also, many thanks to GySgt Randy Bjerke, USMC (Ret), for playing his bugle at our memorial service and the Sanford White Eagle American Legion Post 556 Color Guard for presenting the colors at this event and banquet.

I am proud to report that James “Doc” Swann is the recipient of the 2016 Wild Bill Weise Magnificent Bastard Award for serving our Association long and faithfully. He initially volunteered to serve three months until we could find a replacement for the outgoing treasurer at the time. Eleven years later and counting, he still serves us all. Thank you Doc!!!

Congratulations to Treasurer James “Doc” Swann and Director Jim Rogers for being reelected to their positions on the Board for the next two years. James has, however, given his notice that this will be his last hurrah, so we must actively start looking for someone to be our treasurer in 2018. Again, please remember that this Association is only as good as those who put their time into it. If we don’t have volunteers to do the various jobs, then the Association falls apart. All of you are important, but we need you to step up to the plate when a need is identified.
On a different note, we now have a new Membership Chairman. Many thanks to Wayne Sasser for stepping up to do this very demanding, but extremely important job. John Hembrough has done a magnificent job for four years and given us a solid base upon which to grow. We truly appreciate his hard work and dedication, and are sorry he is leaving. Also greatly appreciated are John’s crew: Cindy Greer and Secretary Manny Travassos. It takes a team to do this job and they all stepped up to the plate in fine fashion.

I am looking for a Social Media Coordinator [potential new billet] to direct and manage our internet affairs. I have been the Web Sergeant for several years, but I have had to use an outside professional to make the actual entries of changes and information that constantly stream to me for the web site. We would be well served to have someone from the younger generations to not only be involved with the web site, but take us further with Facebook, Twitter, etc. These forms of communication are essential to maintaining and growing our Association for the future. If there is anyone out there who might be interested in doing this, please contact me at 575-209-0932 or Brooks@ADanceofLight.com.

Please note that raises in most categories of dues was voted in earlier this year and now are official as of 1 August. These changes will be posted on the web site and application form as soon as possible. This was necessary to preclude the slow hemorrhage of our treasury. I have heard a very small amount of negative feedback concerning the increase of annual dues. While I understand the unhappiness of the minority, the majority vote was for the raise. Of 455 ballots mailed to our membership only 128 were returned with a vote cast [123 for and 5 against]. Active participation is necessary for everyone’s voice to be heard. If one doesn’t vote, then there is no one to blame but oneself. I know this may be a hardship for a few, therefor, the best course of action would be to consider paying for a life membership in three installments at the present time. This would make the cost more manageable. PayPal explains how to do this in more detail during the membership application process on the web site. I have also just asked the Board to readdress this issue, but, for now, the new dues have been voted and approved by the majority of the membership. Any future change to annual dues would require another vote later in the year or at the next annual meeting. Please know that those having difficulty paying higher dues can still attend reunions and see the Sea Horse newsletter on the web site. Paying dues, however, allows you to vote in elections and policy changes, and run for office. I hope all will give what I have related here some thoughtful consideration.

Our annual battalion awards presentation to the outstanding Marines and Navy personnel of the active Battalion will take place on 14 December followed by a late Marine Corps Birthday Ball the next evening. This is due to the Battalion arriving home late in the year from deployment to WestPac. If you live in the San Diego area, consider attending one or both functions to support our Battalion.

Lastly, please put a reminder on your 2017 calendars that we will be having our 2017 reunion in Charleston, SC. General Jim Livingston and Robert Mastrion will be our hosts. Some of the fun activities which are being considered for this reunion are a dinner cruise with visit to Patriot’ Point to see the MOH Museum, visit to Fort Sumter, visit to Parris Island for a graduation and lunch with some DI’s, carriage ride and Charleston visit plus the normal meetings, memorial service and banquet. Dates and details will be published as soon as they are known.

Semper Fi & Anchors Aweigh, Brooks

Brooks Wilson


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