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Welcome to the official website of the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines Association – the "Magnificent Bastards."

Within these pages, you’ll get to know the warriors, past and present, of the finest infantry battalion of the United States Marine Corps, and the courageous chaplains and corpsmen of the United States Navy who care, or have cared, for them.

We hope you’ll enjoy looking through the site, getting to know us and seeing what we’re all about. We’ve been going strong since 1988 and getting stronger every year. Our membership includes Marines from all corners of the United States having served from private to commandant, all of whom share the pride and privilege of having earned the title "United States Marine,” “Chaplain” and those few who earned another title, equally honored and deeply esteemed by Marines, the simple, three-letter title of "Doc."

Once you've navigated your way around the site, please feel free to make suggestions and let us know what you think. Those of you who have been either assigned or attached to the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines of all eras, please consider taking membership and letting your friends know about us.



Honor all Magnificent Bastards who paid the final price defending our Nation. We plan to place a brick honoring every 2/4 Marine or sailor killed in action or died of a wound since 1911. Please help complete this mission by contributing now. Click here to learn how.


Greetings to all!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the person who we believed would be our new Membership Chairman was unable to fulfill this duty. Thus, we are back to square one trying to find a member, spouse or friend of the Association willing to take this extremely important billet. Presently, our Secretary, Manny Travassos, is maintaining the roster and duties of the Membership Chairman with Cindy Greer assisting. While this helps us to keep a handle on our membership, it is unfair to Manny. He is already functioning as our Secretary which is a busy job in itself. He does a lot more for us than take notes at meetings once a year.

Overloading those few who serve our Association as officers and staff does two things. First, it burns them out quickly when they are needed for the long haul, and two, it is actually a disservice to them and you, our membership. If members do not volunteer to help run our Association, then the few that pick up the slack tend to stay longer than they desire and those who never do anything continue to deprive the Association of their abilities in sharing in the operation of this organization. Where do you stand? Yes, we who do the work understand the requirements of families, jobs and all those things that make it easier to say, "we don’t have the time." Please remember, however, that those that fill the officer and staff billets have the same pressures as those who contribute nothing.

We have somewhere in the neighborhood of 500+ members. Of that number, only about 15 people serve the membership in some capacity from being an officer, a staff member or someone assisting a staff member. That is a sad commentary. Marines are known are known for stepping up to the plate and getting things done. I would like to see some of you consider this and offer to help where you are needed. If you are house bound, you can still help to make a difference by doing administrative work, serving on committees, calling prospective members, etc. We also have no problem with spouses and friends taking up the reins on a project. We are family. Families take care of each other. Marines and sailors take care of each other, too. Please look at what this Association gives you and consider giving something back.

Next, we finally have the dates for the 2017 reunion: 2-6 August 2017 in Charleston, SC. General Livingston and Colonel Bob Mastrion have been working hard on the planning. The headquarters hotel will be the Holiday Inn Charleston in Mount Pleasant, SC. Rooms will be $149 per night plus tax. You can call now for reservations: 877-355-7693. The reservation identifier is "BAT." There will also be something new this year concerning meals at the hotel. This hotel has a great deal of experience hosting military reunions. As an outgrowth of this experience, the hotel has developed a Military Catering Package (MCP). This package includes four full buffet breakfasts served in the hospitality room and the buffet banquet meal served in the grand ballroom to include tax and gratuity. This fee also includes the hospitality room with coffee service, common rooms for meetings, set up fees and the use of a bar tender for two hours during the banquet. The amount for all of this is $152.00 per person. While it sounds like a lot up front, if one does the numbers for all these things paid individually, the cost is higher, so this is a tremendous deal. There will also be a number of activities: tour to the Medal of Honor Museum, Patriot’s Point and Naval Base with lunch, a battle symposium on various Vietnam battles, a harbor dinner cruise, trip to Parris Island to view training and graduation with lunch, a BBQ, annual memorial service and meeting, and a banquet. Lots of activities to enjoy with some free time to explore. All this will be presented shortly in the Sea Horse and on the web site as plans are locked and cocked. This looks to be a wonderful reunion. The hotel rates apply to several days before the reunion to several days after which avails you additional time to explore Charleston and experience some great restaurants.

Lastly, Colleen and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to come. Please travel with safety in mind and may the joys of the season extend into a great and prosperous new year!

Semper fi & Anchors Aweigh,

Brooks Wilson


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