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October 19, 2017 marks the 38th anniversary of the horrible fire at Camp Fuji, Japan, in which 13 lives were lost and many more injured.  In October 1979, Typhoon Tip brought 115 mph winds and heavy rains to Fuji.  It was the strongest storm to reach mainland Japan in 13 years.  At the time, more than 1,250 Marines from Camp Schwab, Okinawa, were being housed in Quonset huts on the installation’s upper half for training.    A fuel farm consisting of two rubber storage bladders kept in place by a retaining wall sat just up the hill.  After rains from Tip eroded the wall and allowed a bladder to break free, hoses sprang loose, releasing 5,000 gallons of gasoline.  The fuel skimmed the water’s surface and ran across upper Fuji and into the Quonset huts.  Shortly after 1:40 p.m., a heater inside one of the huts ignited the gasoline.  Fifty-one Marines and three Japanese lay injured, while 15 huts were destroyed and several other buildings damaged.  Casualties were evacuated to local hospitals in Gotemba, Yokota Air Base, Naval Airfield Atsugi and Yokosuka Naval Base, as well as Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio.  Of the 54 people taken to medical facilities, 13 Marines later died from their injuries.

By VINCE LITTLE | STARS AND STRIPES Published: October 19, 2007


This time of the year is very important to our Association. We will be voting for a new slate of officers; i.e., President, Vice President, Secretary and one Director. Candidates are presented in this 2nd quarter issue of the Sea Horse newsletter. It appears by the those presented that we will be significantly starting to turn over our Association to a younger, more energetic group of officers. I am very pleased by this as it is so important that the younger generations step up and continue what we have put in place for the Battalion that we love so dearly. I wish to remind all, however, that we older Marines and sailors still have an obligation for as long as we breathe to support our Association and Battalion fully in whatever way we may contribute. Please turn to and vote.
We have a wonderful reunion planned for the Association this year. Please see the details elsewhere in the last Sea Horse and on the web site under REUNIONS. I understand from Doc Swann, however, that, as of 22 April, we only have seven people signed up. I urge you to make your reservations as soon as possible! You will not want to miss this one!

I can’t tell you how much I had been looking forward to attending this year’s reunion in Charleston, SC. Last winter, however, my daughter announced to me that she would be getting married the same weekend as the reunion. So, while I am very happy for her, I am heartsick to be missing what may be one of the best reunions of all. Thus, I offer my apologies here to all of you who have supported me these past two years for my absence. I have asked Vice President Sean Schickel to stand in to run the meetings and Immediate Past President Steve Wilson to assist as necessary. So, our routine will continue and the torch passed to new leadership with your support.
I thank all of the officers and staff of my administration for their continued and unwavering support during my two year tenure. I thank all of you for supporting my staff and me as well. It has been a pleasure and honor to serve you. I will continue to do so in whatever small ways I am able.
Fair winds and following seas, Semper Fidelis and Anchors Aweigh,



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