One Magnificent Bastard

For those of you that have not purchased "One Magnificent Bastard", autobiography of B/Gen. William 'Wild Bill' Weise, please contact Jim Rogers, Director. I can assure you that this narrative will be an addition to your library of Marine Leadership that is top shelf, cover to cover. Aside from this magnificent story of a superlative leader of men, all proceeds are donated toward the purchase of bricks for each 2/4 Marine and Sailor KIA throughout our magnificent history. Be advised, we have contributed $78,000+ and 370+ bricks that have been placed at the Marine Corps Museum at Quantico. Those willing to contribute toward this goal in recognizing all 2/4 KIA's can contribute by submitting proceeds to treasurer Doc James Swann.

General Weiss

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Bill Weise Book Review from March Marine Corps Gazette (.pdf)

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Excerpts from book endorsements provided by distinguished Marines:

"If, in America, our experiment in freedom and democracy is to survive, every generation will need combat leaders of Bill Weise's stature."…General Jim Mattis, USMC (Retired) -11th Commander of U. S. Central Command in Afghanistan and NATO Supreme Commander Transformation

"…his devotion to Corps and Country, and to those with whom he served epitomizes the deepest meaning of "Marine." America is blessed by the likes of a few good men like Bill Weise." …General Carl Mundy, USMC (Retired) - 30th Commandant of the Marine Corps

"For those who are introduced to "Wild Bill" in these pages, you will come away with an appreciation for how the Corps develops great leaders –and how great leaders enrich our Corps!" …General Peter Pace, USMC (Retired) -16th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

"...You will marvel at his superb leadership skills, his brilliant tactical maneuvers under the stress of heavy combat, his exceptional courage and heroism under fire, the intense high standards he maintained in all of his commands…." ...General Al Gray, USMC (Retired) -29th Commandant of the Marine Corps

"… Bill was known as a warrior, a Navy Cross winner who thrived on challenge. He was known to lead by example. His view of the Corps was forged and tempered in close combat…." General Joseph J. Went, USMC (Retired) - Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps

"… Dai Do stands out as one of the fiercest and most complex engagements of the Vietnam War. The leadership of General William Weise will be remembered as one of the center pieces of that historic battle…." ...James Webb, Marine and former US Senator, Virginia

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