Mission Statement

We are an organization of active duty, retired, reserve and honorably discharged Marines, Navy chaplains and corpsmen, having been assigned or attached to the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, regardless of era. We are dedicated to preserving the honor, traditions and interests of the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, the United States Marine Corps and supporting the Constitution of the United States of America.

About the "Magnificent Bastards"

The 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines Association was formed in 1988 at MCB, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, during the first reunion of veterans of the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines –also proudly known as "The Magnificent Bastards", a tribute bestowed (4 June 1964) on the Battalion by then Commanding Officer, Joseph R. (Bull) Fisher, and made official by subsequent Commanding Officer, A. E. (Gene) Bench, in Battalion Order 5600.1B (24 Sept 1966).

While this first reunion was primarily a 20 years later commemoration of the Battle of Dai Do, attendees included veterans of Operations Starlite, Hastings and other significant battles of the Vietnam War. Plank owner members also include brothers who served with 1/3 and 3rdAmtracs.

During the inaugural business meeting, it was decided, by acclaim, that the brotherhood and fellowship was to include any and all Marines and corpsmen who served with 2/4 and supporting units – at any time over it’s illustrious history since 1914. In 1994, at Parris Island, we were honored to welcome a brother who had served with the legendary Marine Raiders. History buffs may recall that 2/4, on behalf of the 4th Marines, was the first unit ashore in Japan after its surrender. The Raiders formed the nucleus of the "new" 4th Marines which fought bravely against great odds for four bitter months until ordered to surrender on Corregidor by Army General Wainright in April 1942.

From that first reunion of 57 attendees, our numbers have grown considerably to include many who are currently on active duty with the Battalion. We have been fortunate to include within our ranks several who proudly called themselves "Old China Hands" and "Horse Marines," veterans of WWII, the Korean War period, Vietnam, Iraq/Afghanistan, and, of course, those who served during those relatively short peace time years between the conflicts named above. The Association is one of the more active battalion level Marine Corps veterans organizations, holding annual reunions, sponsoring awards for active duty personnel, such as the outstanding officer, Staff Non-Commissioned Officer, Non-Commissioned Officer, E-3 and below, and corpsman of the year.

We are proud of our strong working relationship with the Battalion, as well as our collaboration with families of active-duty personnel.

Most recently (2009), the Association celebrated the dedication of the 2/4 Memorial Monument on the grounds of the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico. Included in this effort was the lining of the path surrounding the Monument with memorial bricks dedicated to 2/4 Marines and corpsmen.

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